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Handy Tips 1. You do not need to start unpacking your fridge until 20 minutes before the truck is fully loaded. Doing this will allow your fridge to stay cold, and when we unload it as the first item, it will still be cold for your food to go back in. (We ask all customers to allow the fridge to settle for at-least 1 hour after its put in place) 2. When packing boxes, try keep as many as possible the same size and if you have the room stack them in lots of 3 or 4. This will allow us to come straight in with a trolley and take them out in the fastest & safest way possible. 3. If you would like your boxes put directly into the rooms, Please clearly label them. multiple markings on boxes is easier to read if you strike it out and have the new writing in a different color. 4. You do not have to unpack all your Bed side tables, Dressing Tables or Chest of Drawers. If the entire unit is to heavy for us, we will remove the drawers and then put them back once its in the truck. This saves room, packing and most importantly Money. 5.Make sure you are aware of all the items that you wish to be loaded onto the truck. When we arrive, we would like to see everything so that we can get a better idea of what needs to be loaded and what way it needs to be done. This includes outdoor, Sheds or even inside cupboards. 6. Is your driveway 3+ Meters wide? if not then the truck will possibly not fit down the drive and we will need to park it on the street. If you can park cars, place Bins, warn neighbors that we are coming and that we will need the spots in front of your house. The truck is 14 meters long and will take up around 3 car spaces.
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